Medications for the Treatment of Addiction

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Tremendous breakthroughs in the basic neurobiology of addiction provide a framework for medication development that is unparalleled in biological psychiatry. Medications currently on the market for the treatment of addiction open a window on the opportunities to facilitate treatment and provide a means for evaluating future medication development. The potential for the development of future medications for the treatment of addiction is significant on a number of fronts.

The development of medications for the treatment of addiction has been a priority in the United States. Similar efforts in the private sector and other countries are being encouraged. Areas of success include the development and validation of behavioral and medical treatments of addiction (buprenorphine, naltrexone, varenicline, and acamprosate) and the necessary infrastructure for some aspects of drug development. The burgeoning use of human laboratory studies and Rosetta Stone approach to link human and animal studies may yield continued advances.


medication; addiction; pharmacotherapy; Rosetta Stone; model; neurobiology; clinical trial; neurocircuitry; reward system; dopamine; reverse validity

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